[100% OFF] Anger Management Skills

What you Will learn ?

  • What are the Anger Dynamics? The nature of anger; anger cycle; fight and flight theory and come common myths about anger.
  • What are some helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with anger, some Do’s and Don’ts
  • Know the helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with anger.
  • Strategies and techniques for controlling anger. Warning signs, coping and relaxations techniques, blowing off steam.
  • Triple A Strategies and techniques
  • How to effectively deal with angry people? Energy Curve, de-escalation techniques, active listening, when to back away?
  • What are hot buttons? How to identify and deal with Hot Buttons? How to develop a Personal Anger Log
  • Putting things to action. How to develop an Action Plan

Course Description

Experts say that an average adult gets angry at least once a day and annoyed or peeved about three times a day. Anger leads to anxiety, tension and stress, which in turn lead to strained relationships and ultimately to bad health. Everyone has issues and concerns about anger. Some people need help in managing their anger that gets out of control; others need help in accessing buried anger. Some take out their anger on innocent people while some keep it within themselves, they brood over it, they ruminate for days, weeks, months, some times for years and unfortunately for life. Unless one finds some healthy ways of owning and expressing their anger, it will find some outlet that might be inappropriate, unhealthy or counterproductive ways. Numerous families and lives have been adversely affected due to “Anger.” While Everyone gets angry, its natural, but everyone should also know how to deal with their own anger and with other angry people. This is what this training program is all about. It will help you to identify your anger triggers, it will provide you with the practical and proven strategies and techniques to not only deal with your anger effectively but also to deal with others anger. Controlling anger means controlling your life, your happiness and your family, your relationships and your health.

Course Requirements


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