[100% OFF] Arduino Morse Code Generator

What you Will learn ?

  • Make your own Arduino Morse Code Generator
  • Learn Working Principle of Morse Code
  • Interface Buzzer and Speakers with Arduino
  • Interface different type of electronic elements with Arduino.
  • Send Morse Code Signals to your friends or show off your own Morse Code device

Course Description

Morse Code is a well-known way of communication, Learn how to Implement it using Arduino and Start sending SOS Signals

Morse Code is a system of communication to encode any character in two different durations of signals called Dots and Dashes. Morse code is developed by Samuel F.B. and further used in telegraphy for transferring secret information.

In this course, you will learn how to read a Morse Code and convert it to letters and numbers, and how to send out your own Morse Codes using Arduino without the hassle of converting each letter yourself to the associated Morse Code.

You will have your Own Arduino Morse Code Generator up and running in no Time

Course Requirements

  • Basic experience in Electronics
  • Basic experience in Arduino
  • A Will to apply, not just watch

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