[100% OFF] CCBA-IIBA Certification Preparation Course

What you Will learn ?

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the skills necessary to be an effective member of the business analysis community
  • Implement business analysis practices as outlined in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® ) Guide
  • Deliver more reliable, higher quality results with increased efficiency and consistency
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the field of business analysis
  • Business analysis key concepts
  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • Business Analysis Core Concept Model
  • Elicitation and collaboration
  • Requirements Lifecycle Management
  • Solution evaluation

Course Description

Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA®) training course covers the basic skillsets essential for business analyst professionals based on the industry standards and yardsticks of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®).

CCBA® certified professional will become expert in distinguishing the needs of a business so that the most appropriate solutions can be acknowledged and implemented to produce consistent results with increased competence and steadiness.

CCBA® certification preparation course is intended for business analysts and practitioners who wish to be recognized as connoisseurs skilled at steering Business Analyst activities. Business analysts follow a specialized approach towards understanding the procedures, policies and structure of an organization by employing conventional set of methods in order to recommend the best possible solutions that drive the organization to achieve its goals.

Guiding business analysis activities include grasping the business processes to govern how they function to attain their purpose, and realizing which capabilities the organization requires to successfully provide its services to the peripheral participant. This incorporates the elucidation of organizational goals, how the goals are associated to objective, finding out the best way forward to act in order to fulfil these objectives, and also defining the interactions between different business units with its internal as well as external participants.

By the end of this CCBA® training, you will:

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills required to pass the CCBA® certification exam

  • Understand Business Analysis Key and core Concepts Model (BACCM)

  • Acquire cutting-edge knowledge of classifying, defining, assessing and finishing various elements of business analysis tasks.

  • Be able to achieve 30 business analysis tasks in 6 knowledge areas.

  • Understand 50 business analysis tools and techniques.

Benefits of IIBA Certification (CCBA®)

Upon Completion of this Course, you will achieve following: –

  • Defining training and professional development standards

  • Demonstrates to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that you use industry-standard business analysis practices.

  • Demonstrates to your investors that your business is run effectively.

  • Defining and maintaining the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Guide

Course Requirements

  • Eager to learn & inspire to become business Analyst

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