[100% OFF] How to Self-Tape a Video at Home (Performance Anxiety)

What you Will learn ?

  • How to shoot with natural light at home
  • Setting up your phone hands-free
  • Getting the right height & tilt to look your best and be influential
  • Ring light best practice
  • Multi light set up (basic v pro)
  • Entry level camera equipment
  • Microphone comparisons
  • Quality control tips before shooting
  • Beating behavioural biases
  • Priming yourself before performance
  • Using the language the of the nervous system
  • Using body language to show the audience and yourself confidence
  • Detachment and alter-ego
  • Building your stress reflex
  • Reseting the nervous system
  • Pre-performance stress reversal

Course Description

Are you:

  • Creating your own online course?

  • Preparing for an online job interview?

  • Wanting to be more engaging on zoom calls?

  • Looking to press publish on social media (Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube…)

Then this course is for you.

My name is Jason and I am an international model and actor.

While I thoroughly enjoy being in front of the camera now, it wasn’t always the case.

My first casting I had an anxiety attack (& it wasn’t the last).

I have deal with anxiety my whole life, both in front of the camera and in everyday situations.

This is the toolkit I have developed that has enabled me not to only reach international success on tv and cinema, but also transferred into my private life.

The person in the room with the most power is the one with the lowest heart rate, the most calm – they have the least to prove, allow that to be you.

In this course I show you how to firstly look your best on camera with a step by step home studio set-up:

  • Working with natural light

  • Setting up your background

  • Some tricks if you don’t have a tripod

  • Best practices for using a ring light

  • Options if you have a couple of lights at home (e.g. a lamp)

  • A 3 point + light set up if you are interesting in extra equipment

  • Microphone examples

  • Entry-level camera example

  • Pre-performance quality control suggestions

In section 2, I’ll show you a full range of tricks & deeper techniques to hack into your nervous system & also build confidence from that audience feedback loop, including:

  • How you can embrace spontaneity

  • How you can use failure to fuel our success

  • How to beat our primitive caveman brain

  • How you can steal the vibe from your favourite activities and transport that onto the screen

  • Breathing techniques that will calm you and also show the audience confidence in your message

  • Body postures that will lift testosterone

  • Mindset techniques to prompt peak performance

  • Stress testing techniques to allow you to maximize your performance under any situation

  • Quick pre-performance stress reversals

  • Diversifying your natural energy and body leakages (twitches etc)

This is what turned my life experience around, I am sure it will help you too.


Course Requirements

  • Access to a recording device (phone, camera, webcam etc.)

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