[100% OFF] Hypnosis Module 1 – Introduction to Hypnosis

What you Will learn ?

  • A introduction to: How to pre-hypnotize people in the talk before the trance
  • A introduction to: How to use non-verbal hypnosis
  • A introduction to: wich therapy techniques mostly works

Course Description

A Beginners Introduction Guide To Hypnotherapy – lern how:

  • you pre-hypnotize your clients/patients already in the pre-talk, pacing and leading, some powerful questions you can ask and “strange things” you can do and think to bring your client in a trance.

  • learn how to detect signs of trance already in the pre-talk

  • How the client sits down already gives you an idea of what the trance will be like

  • Understand what a Induction can be, and see different inductions (even non-verbal – bring the client into a trance without a word!)  and learn how to give suggestions in a direct, indirect or gentle-directive way.

  • Understand what a convincer is, and why you need it to convince the client he i s in a trance.

  • See some fast inductions and learn, how they works.

  • you will have a overview about a session works, and have some ideas at the end of the course, what you have to learn more to help all possible clients.

This course should just give you a overview but even some insights in the art of Hypnosis.

you will learn in the next modules even more intensely and focused

YOU GET A EXTRA CERTIFICATION of the Hypnosis Institute Mariani Berlin, Germany

  • hypnosis non-verbal

  • almost hypnosis

  • therapy methods like the February Man, the Miracle Question, the Yager code and much more

  • Hypnosis for quit smoking, grief, lose weight, heal depression and more.

Every month a new course.

Course Requirements

  • Nothing special

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