Building QR Code Reader & Generator App

Welcome to New tutorial on Building QR Code Reader & Generator App.

This Tutorial is fairly simple and intended to wanna be an android developer. This post I will be writing about how to make the QR Code Generator App and QR Code Reader Android App. 
The Library Used and The Source code of this App is provided later in the post.
This is Two part Tutorial Series where we will use two separate libraries to Make QR Code Generator and QR Code reader android application. 
The Library used for the QR code generator Android App is called the QRGenerator library, which is open source and Available on Github Here
The Library Used for QR Code Scanner App is Called Code-Scanner and it is also available on Github and you can visit the GitHub repository here.

 Step – 1: Building a QR Code Generator Android application: 

  • We will start by creating a blank android studio project and star integrating required codes step by step.
  • The app will have a simple interface to take input and button which will help us take the input data and send it to the QR code generator.
  • The QRGenerator Library is used to generate the QR code, the code will take any valid string or int data and convert that to a QR code.
  • Now we will take the QR code data and convert that to string and set to imageview, where the generated QR code is displayed to the user.

For detail step-by-step guide please check following video from SmallAcademy.

Watch Building QR Code Reader & Generator App Using Android Studio on My Youtube Channel.


Step – 2: Building a QR code reader android app

  • Now in the second part of this tutorial, we will go ahead and create QR code scanner app.
  • The QR Code scanner library is used with a built-in camera API of android. To use the camera in our app we need to ask for the camera permission from the user, check out this tutorial on how to ask camera permission at runtime. 
  • Once the QR code is read by the camera, it will decode the QR code image and display the result in specified TextView in the screen.

Watch How to Make QR Code Scanner App Using Android Studio on My Youtube Channel.


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