5 ways to get Udemy Courses for Free

The year 2020 has been the year for online courses. The number of people taking online certification courses has increased greatly in the last few months. The online teaching platform such as udemy has seen a sudden rise in users. You can take all kinds of courses online and start learning right away. This gives us the unique opportunity to learn new skills from the comfort of home. You can buy online courses on udemy as low as $9.99. But today I will tell you guys the 5 ways to get Udemy courses for free.


Does udemy courses worth it?

The short answer is Yes, udemy courses can provide value to your investment. Maybe not all udemy courses are valuable but most of them are taught by an expert in their field. You can check the quality of udemy courses from student reviews. Udemy courses do have Intro and free preview using which you can determine the quality of the courses. You should look for courses that have clear sound quality as well as High-Resolution videos along with the knowledge of the instructor.


Can you really get udemy courses for Free?

Yes, The udemy instructor has the ability to make their courses free or paid. They can generate the udemy coupons code that makes courses go 100% OFF. If anyone uses such coupons they can enroll for free. If you are looking for such coupon codes, then this post is for you since I am going to list out the methods.


5 Ways to get Free Udemy Courses

Here is the list of 5 methods I use to get tons of udemy coupons for the premium paid udemy courses. Now you can use this technique to get udemy courses for free as well.

1. Udemy Deals Websites

The quick search on the internet will give you tons of website that updates udemy courses every minute. The udemy coupons are directly provided by the author of the course to such a website for course promotion. This is one of the techniques used by the udemy author for course marketing. Therefore, you can use such coupons to enroll in the udemy course. For example, our website  SmallAcademy also provides free udemy coupons. We update new courses every hour.


2. Facebook Groups and Pages

One of the main sources of coupon codes for udemy courses can be Facebook groups. There are 100s of Facebook groups that list 1000s of new coupons every day. The good thing about the Facebook group is that you can directly interact with the course instructor and give suggestions. You can directly ask for coupons code to the instructor. In many cases, they are generous enough to provide you 100% OFF coupon of their course. You can start by joining SmallAcademy’s Facebook group for Udemy Courses. We have more than 10000 Members and increasing every day.


3. Udemy Coupons Android Application

To be honest, there is not a lot of android application that provides this service. That’s why we created our own android application to provide udemy free coupons and courses. There are few apps available on the google play store but almost all of them are apps that is made using the converted website without any features. You can download SmallAcademy’s Android app for hourly update of new coupons. Click here to go to google play store.


4. Udemy’s Free Resource Center

On popular demand, Udemy now has a free resource center for you. Hence, The Free Udemy Resource center has the collection of Best and Highest rated udemy courses. But here is the catch these courses are not intended for sale and are always available for free. The quality of the courses could be questionable. There are a few free courses that are worth taking even if they are free.  You can check out the udemy resource center from here.


5. Direct Request to Udemy Instructor

I am pretty sure, not a lot of people do this but I have met a few instructors who give you free coupons for their courses. All you have to do is approach them via social media or email. You can find details of any udemy instructor from their profile in udemy. Give it a try and you may end up getting free coupons for one of the on-demand courses on udemy. If you do let us know in the comment section below.



So, These were the top 5 ways using which you can get a udemy course for free. At least these are the 5 methods I use every day to get udemy courses for free.  If you have another method you know of and want me to mention in this course? Let us know in the comment section below. I would be more than happy to hear from you. But for now, this is it and I will see you in the next awesome article.


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