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Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems with millions of devices running on the os. The android is an open-source operating system developed and maintained by Google. Millions of apps are available on the google play store for the user to install on almost all the categories. This presents the opportunity for you to make money with android by making apps for those millions of devices. Today we are going to talk about learning android app development and why you should start learning it right now and by the end of this article, we are going to install android studio. We will talk about android studio later in the article.


Why You Should Learn Android App Development?

Let’s start with your own example, you are probably reading this article on your android phone right now. Android phones are cheap and easy to use when comes to the user interface, that’s why almost everyone owns at least one Android phone in their family. The google play store, ie one of the most used play Store on the internet has more than 2.89 million android app available right now. more than 2 billion devices are running on the Android operating system.

So yes you should start learning android app development right now. Who knows maybe you have the idea to create an android app that might change the world someday. An android developer earns around $97K per year and android apps with 10K active users make more than 5000$ a month. There are various factors that affect these numbers but still, these numbers should be enough for you to get excited to learn android app development today.


Where to learn Android app development?

It’s really really easy to start learning android app development, you can buy courses of courses on a website like udemy but if you don’t want to pay while learning android app development then you can find lots of freebies website that offers the same. Even we here at small academy provides various courses to start learning android app development. This article is part of that as well. in this article we are going to take our first step on android app development and learn how to install android studio on our system.


How to install Android Studio?

It’s easy to install android studio on your windows, mac, or Linux devices but before we dive into the step-by-step guide, we should know about the minimum system requirements of the android studio. You can run an android studio on 4 GB ram, heck when I started learning android app development I started with a 4GB RAM device. But it’s hard to run apps on emulators if you don’t have at least 8GB of ram. I recommend you to run apps on the physical device if you don’t have enough RAM on your system. For your reference, let’s look at the system requirements specified by google to run an android studio on the various operating systems.

Android Studio Minimum System Requirements

Android Studio Minimum System Requirements

Installing Android Studio on Windows 10: Step by Step Guide

Even though it said on Windows 10, it works on any windows machine. Ok, Now let’s start installing android studio on our system. There are only a few steps involved in how to install android studio on our windows system.


  • Go to the Official Website of Android Studio and Download the setup file.
  • You can click here to go to the Android Studio Download page


  • Accept the license/TOS and click on the Download button to start downloading the android studio setup file.


  • Once the setup is downloaded, Open the file and follow the given instruction on the window to install the android studio.
  • Make sure to have your system connected to the internet as it’s going to download extra stuff for the android studio during the setup.


  • Once the setup is finished, you can open the android studio and start making your first android app.

I hope you were able to download and install android studio on your system. in the next article we are going to create our first Hello World Android Application. I hope to see you there. If you have any questions for us, leave them in the comment section below.


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