[100% OFF] The Heart of Sales: Emotional Intelligence in Persuasion

What you Will learn ?

  • How to Make Sales Easier!
  • How to Connect Faster With Your Prospects

Course Description

The Heart of Influence: Emotional Intelligence in Persuasion & Sales

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence & Sales

  • The Basics of Sales & Client Thinking

  • Developing a Heart of Influence

  • Creating Influence Impact

  • Influence Skills

  • Self-Awareness & Management

  • Know & Like

  • Trust

  • Mindfulness

  • Communication

  • Generating Resonance & Rapport

  • Connecting with Questions

  • Quality Relationships

  • Stories that Connect

Help Your Sales Reps Better Understand Themselves and Others

Having a high level of emotional intelligence allows a salesperson to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power of their own emotions during interactions with buyers to improve sales rather than derail them.

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Course Requirements

  • Desire to be a better salesperson

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