[FREE] Applying Innovation

What you Will learn ?

  • Create and execute innovation portfolios
  • Develop strategic and operational plans
  • Define better performance goals
  • Generate ideas that achieve performance
  • Lead action plans that creates meaningful change
  • Lead and empower teams
  • Monitor and assess results of change

Course Description

Develop the essential skills for planning and executing innovation within any established organization – large or small. These skills are guaranteed to increase performance and quality, make your organization a better place to work, and help you become a more successful manager. Learn how to build an innovation community capable of transforming your organisation into a great place to work. This course draws on best practice within world leading organizations to present you with a step by step approach for planning and executing effective change. Class projects will help you practice what you learn. Carefully designed templates will allow you to effortlessly create innovation plans within your own organization. Course includes access to an extensive library of reading notes, slides, case studies and sample Innovation Plans. This course is based on the popular book Applying Innovation by O’Sullivan and Dooley (SAGE Publications)

Course Requirements

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