[100% OFF] Financial Statement Audit: Microsoft Corporation

What you Will learn ?

  • • Key Audit Procedures – Substantive Audit Procedures utilized for the balance sheet while using Microsoft’s financial statements to explain these concepts
  • • Audit Considerations – Materiality, Fraud, Going Concern, Audit Assertions, Controls vs Substantive Approach, use of a Specialist and other such considerations
  • • Key Audit Matters – Critical Audit Matters and Risk Areas to explain ‘What Auditors Look For’

Course Description

What Makes this Course Different?

1) Demystify’ the External Audit Process

    We will explain in simple terms the key concepts of the Audit Process

2) Understand ‘What Auditors Look For’

    We will learn and gain the perspective of an External Auditor

3) Learn through ‘Real Examples’

    We will utilize Microsoft Corporation’s Financial Statements throughout the course to explain these concepts

In this course, we will cover the following topics:

A) Key Audit Procedures by Account

  •      Substantive Audit Procedures

  •      Assets & Liabilities

  •     Microsoft Corporation

B) Audit Considerations

  •      Going Concern Assumption

  •      Financial Statement Assertions

  •      Materiality

  •      Controls vs Substantive Approach

  •      Use of a Specialist

  •      Fraud Considerations

C) ‘What do Auditors’ look for?

  •      Key Audit Matters & Risk Areas

Course Requirements

  • A basic understanding of the Financial Statements

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