[100% OFF] Fundamentals of Private Equity

What you Will learn ?

  • How a PE fund pipeline works, including sourcing, investing and monitoring past investments
  • How PE funds, what type of investors allocate to them, and the usual provisions discussed

Course Description

This courses covers the fundamentals of the Private Equity practice. It includes considerations such as
– How the Private Equity industry positions itself vis-a-vis other high finance activities like Venture Capital (which is part of it), Hedge Funds, Investment Banking and others;
– The usual types of activities for Private Equity teams throughout the three main sources of a PE fund pipeline: sourcing and vetting opportunities, investing, and post-investment monitoring;
– How Private Funds work, usual provisions and model (blind pool, 5-10y timeframe, restructuring, extensions, the secondaries market) and the J-Curve timing of returns;
– The type of retail and institutional investors allocating to Private Equity, as well as the usual types of provisions discussed;
– How companies change when undertaking an LBO (leveraged buyout), as well as the two ways of creating value for them – financial engineering and operational optimization;

Whether you’re an aspiring Private Equity associate, or an existing professional in a different area of high finance looking to know more about the Private Equity industry and practice, this course may be able to assist you.

Course Requirements

  • Have a basic knowledge of corporate finance
  • Have a basic knowledge of investing (asset classes)

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