[FREE] Fundamentals of Medical Neuroscience Part-1

What you Will learn ?

  • Overall goal of this course is to ease out the wrestle to understand the most complex organ of your body, which is your brain, and to render a strong foundation of Medical Neuroscience

Course Description

Fundamental of Medical Neuroscience, the course is broken into three parts to render easy and free access to all the interested students and professionals.

It includes all the required, basic knowledge of Medical Neuroscience to “Master the fundamentals and build-up a firm foundation.”

Following are the topics included in part 1 of the 3:

1) Introduction to Central nervous system and Peripheral nervous system

2) Basic working-units of the nervous system

3) Histology of Nervous system

4) Meninges

5) Basics of Tract System

Course Requirements

  • Students pursuing Bachelors of Medicine, Physiotherapy, even Nursing. Also, the Medical professionals who feel the need to look back into their fundamentals, or those, who have special interest in understanding the complexities of Brain.

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