[100% OFF] Milestones in Python 3.8 with exciting new features

What you Will learn ?

  • In this course, you will get understanding of New Features in Python 3.8 programming as compared to Python 3.7

Course Description

New Features in Python 3.8 In this course, you will have an understanding of some the exciting new features in Python 3.8

-Downloading and Installing Python 3.8

-Walrus Operator

-Position Only Operator

-F string support

-isqrt function

-Continue with finally

-Iterator Unpacking

-Reversed dictionary

-Syntax warning

You will definitely love this course because it is simple, easy and takes you levels ahead in python programming without even noticing 🙂

Course Requirements

  • Python Installed, Jupyter Notebook, an understanding of data types, flow controls, OOP, generators in python. I will help you install 3.8


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