[100% OFF] Learn to crochet a baby blanket from start to finish

What you Will learn ?

  • How to crochet a baby blanket from start to finish without the need of any experience

Course Description

If you have never crochet before, that’s ok! This course is totally suitable for beginners! You do not need any previous crochet knowledge!

In my experience, I feel it would be very overwhelming to show beginner students how to crochet lots of different stitches, who is going to remember that? It would be a bit confusing right?

So my motto is – The more we make the more we learn!

This will get you familiar and fluent in handling the crochet hook, you will learn a repetative crochet stitch, how to join up your squares, crochet a decorative border and the best bit is, you will be able to make a blanket at the end of the course! Even though, you have just learn how to crochet!

Course Requirements

  • No requirements as this is suitable for beginners

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