What you Will learn ?

  • How to make a Study Plan so you IMPROVE every time you study!
  • How to find your purpose for language learning
  • Find out what kind of student you are
  • HOW TO SET GOALS that actually help you improve
  • How to do a SMART TEST on your goal to make sure you can really reach it
  • How to find Good English Learning Content
  • The MOST COMMON language learning TECHNIQUES (and how they help us improve)
  • How to make your weekly, monthly and yearly goals into daily goals
  • Why making SHORT-RUN (daily) learning goals are MORE IMPORTANT than weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
  • EASY & FUN WAYS to use English all day, everyday. In every part of your life!

Course Description

This course will help you Improve Your English.. FASTER!

You will learn to be your own teacher and make the perfect English study Plan for your life!

How do we do this?

  1. Find your purpose for studying English

  2. Set specific goals so you improve every time you study

  3. Find the best content and use the best study techniques

My name is Eron Donevan. I was a college English teacher in China for 2.5 years and business english teacher for 4.5 years. The most common question students ask is, “How can I improve my English“. This is a funny questions because they ask me.. In English. So I know they knew how to study.

The problem is that when you know around 2,000 to 6,000 English words… What happens when you learn 100 or 200 or 300 new words? NOTHING HAPPENS. It takes hours and hours of studying time…. And you can’t read books. You can’t understand your favorite T.V. shows…

Students stop studying because nothing good happens, so studying just seems like boring, hard work.

How do we fix this? The secret is that you need to set your purpose for studying English. Then you need to need to be your own teacher.

You will set goals that help you do things you find interesting and useful.

(not just the goals your teacher, book or language app thinks is interesting and useful)

Okay, I hope to see you in class!

Course Requirements

  • This course uses simple English. If you can read what’s on this page, you can take the course.
  • CEFR B1+ English Level
  • A sense of humor

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