[100% OFF] Learn Korean w/ K-pop | BLACKPINK’s Jennie ‘SOLO’

What you Will learn ?

  • Learn vocabularies from the song ‘SOLO’
  • Understand and memorize the song
  • Learn Korean grammar

Course Description

To all of those who has a heart for K-pop, this course is created with you in mind. If textbook learning just isn’t cutting it for you any more, this course might spice things up for you. Not only will you learn and understand the song, you will also learn words and expressions that you can use in real life. You can now learn Korean just by following along your favorite K-pop songs.

The song will be taught part by part. And the lyrics will be broken down word for word. After each section, the part of the song studied will be played repeatedly to help you memorize the song. A quiz will also be given. By the end of the course, you can sing along with Jennie with proper pronunciation and understanding of the song.

Course Requirements

  • Be able to read hangul

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