[FREE] Learn English Grammar: Present Perfect Tense

Improve your spoke English by understanding the Present Perfect Tense

What you Will learn ?

  • Learn how to use present perfect tense when speaking English

Course Description

Have you been learning English for a while but still can’t understand the present perfect tense?

Well, look no further!

In this tutorial I will take you through the Present Perfect Tense slowly and thoroughly until you are confident to start using it yourself.

Level: Intermediate + (A2/B1+)

Course Structure

  1. Introduction

  2. What is the Present Perfect Tense? The Basics

  3. 5 examples of when to use the present perfect tense.

  4. Recap: “to have” – conjugating and negative

  5. Making Questions

  6. Practice Your Knowledge

  7. Test Yourself

Each video lecture takes your through the examples in a methodical and simple manner. Using the online whiteboard I draw out examples using diagrams to make the present perfect tense easier to understand.

Course Requirements

  • Studying English as a foreign language
  • Have Intermediate (A1/B2) level of English

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