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What you Will learn ?

  • How to Use Various Indicators to Spot Market Bottoms

Course Description

Some people think of market bottoms as an exact moment. Others think of it as something only a professional or a genius can catch. Others see it as fleeting and impossible, almost like a fairy tale.

I don’t see market bottoms as any of these things. In fact, I don’t even care about buying at the exact bottom. Instead, I look for clues to determine when I believe a market bottom is in, and then when the current is at my back, I begin to take positions in the stock market.

In this course, I discuss the criteria I use to determine the market’s health and when a bottom may be in. I’m going to discuss how to use moving averages to determine the market trend, how to use volume to spot when big institutions are starting to put their money into the market, and how to use sentiment to determine if the trend is about change. In addition, I will illustrate the importance of using the action of individual stocks to gauge the health of the market. There’s even sections on seasonality and the presidential cycle so you have a general idea of which months and years are best to invest in the stock market.

The second part of the course is my favorite. In “Back in Time,” I look back at some of the most important bottoms in history. I go all the way back to 1932 to look at the signs that the bottom was in and a buying opportunity of a lifetime was taking place. I also analyze the early 1980s, 1998, 2018, and more so that you will be able to spot similarities during future market turning points.

Thank you for considering this course. Take a look around and see if it’s a good fit for you.



Course Requirements

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